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In Our Guild To Funeral Plans, we wanted you to be aware of is that Not all prepaid plans are the same far from it. Some will offer you a Basic Plan But What you really want is a Guarnteed Funeral Plan. Some Funeral Plans offer elaborate services with all the bells and whistles while others just have the basics. Most plans in the U.K. aim for a middle-of-the-road compromise between services and cost, but our plans give you the option to add services on even at a later date if you feel you will need them.

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When It Comes To Considering How To Plan Your Funeral, Its’s Natural To Have Questions Or Feel Nervous About Getting Into The Finer Details As Paying for your Own Funeral Is Not  Something We Really Think About.

Here At First Choice Funeral Plans, We Want  To Make It As Easy A Process That We Can For You.

Paying for Your Funeral in Advance With A Prepaid Funeral Plans a Great Way to Save money by paying today’s prices.

Buying A Funeral Plan Today will Freeze Costs at today’s prices. Locking in the Price of Your Funeral Saving Your Family And Loved one’s Money

Your loved ones are protected Guaranteeing they’ll have nothing extra to pay for the services you choose in your Plan. Relieve your family of all financial pressure. Paying upfront will negate your family of any Financial Burden

What is a Prepaid funeral plan?

A Pre-paid Funeral Plan lets you arrange and pay for a funeral in advance. It’s an easy way to get your funeral arranged whilst protecting your loved ones from rising costs and uncertainty about your final wishes. Our range of Plans let you go into as much or as little detail as you like, from funeral vehicles and funeral flowers to your favourite music and alternative burial locations, we’re here to guide you through.

We are here to demystify Prepaid Funerals Plans For You.

Also known as a funeral care plan, prepaid funerals are for anyone who wants to pre-pay for their funeral expenses before the rising costs become too much. There are a few reasons why you’d want a funeral prepayment plan:

  • Your family doesn’t have to pay for your funeral out of their own pocket.
  • Your family also doesn’t have to plan a funeral while they’re grieving.
  • Your funeral wishes are chosen directly by you.


Pre-paid Funeral Plans make sense

Protect your loved ones from rising funeral costs

The price of a funeral, like everything else, keeps going up and has almost doubled in the last decade. In 2014, an average funeral cost £3,609. According to research by Mintel Consulting, the average price of a funeral will reach £5,420 by 2021. That’s a rise of almost £2,000 in just seven years. Buying a Guaranteed Funeral Plan helps you beat rising costs by paying today’s price and protects loved ones from any additional expense for the services included in the Plan, no matter when the funeral takes place. Unlike some Funeral Plan providers, we promise to cover all the costs of your chosen burial or cremation Plan, so once the Plan is paid for you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will have no additional hidden costs when the time comes.

Some common services found in most plans include:
  • A hearse
  • Transportation of the body to and from necessary locations (home, funeral home, gravesite, etc.)
  • Guidance on various paperwork related to the death (newspaper notices, how to obtain a death certificate and more)
  • Funeral services including viewing of the deceased
  • Church service (if applicable)
  • A coffin (from basic to elaborate, depending on the plan)
  • Limousine procession
Payment options:
Guaranteed funeral plans, on average, cost anywhere between £3,456 and £7,600. The exact price depends on a variety of individual factors regarding your specific funeral plans. Also, the earlier you pay for your funeral in advance, the better value you’ll get because you’ll be able to stay a bit Ahead of Inflation.

With most of the plans, we offer we will do our best to work with you and your budget, and what you can comfortably afford to pay each month.

Why take out a Prepaid Funeral Plan?
Prepaid burial plans aren’t the only way to afford a funeral. A standard savings account is another option. Unfortunately, unless you start saving early, the interest you gain in the account is unlikely to match the rising rate of inflation. So a savings account is unlikely to make financial sense for many people.

U.K. law allows for the cost of funeral plans to be paid for directly from the estate of the deceased. A relative or spouse needs to show the bank both a death certificate and an itemised bill from funeral directors. The money taken out of any account can only go to the funeral plans cost. This means rent, utilities and other expenses might need to be covered in some other way until the estate can be legally distributed.

Prepayment funeral plans have advantages over both savings accounts and direct estate withdrawals. There are many reasons why:

What personal touches can be arranged by my family at the time of the funeral?
The person arranging the funeral may wish to include further services such as flowers, additional limousines, newspaper notices, or burial or scattering of ashes which are not included in your Plan. The Funeral Director will help to arrange these services and they will need to be paid for in full at the time of the funeral by the person who arranges them.

Can I take a Plan out for somebody else?
Yes, all of our Plans and payment options allow you to buy a Plan for someone else. If you do this, as the Plan Purchaser you will receive all of the correspondence about the Plan and you will have all of the rights to the Plan and be responsible for paying for it.
What is the best funeral plan?
The best plan is the one which fits your needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Your Budget

For many people, the cost of the funeral plan is an initial concern. Fortunately, this concern is often unfounded. Cheap funeral plans are often a perfectly fine option. Even if you’re only purchasing the most basic services, a prepaid funeral care plan will still save you some money overall. Monthly funeral plans make services affordable for practically any budget.

Your Age

Funeral plans for over 50 in age are different than funeral plans for under 50 in age. An over 50 plan pays out a fixed lump sum upon death. However, these plans are not always a great deal. If you live a long time, you could end up paying more in premiums than the eventual payout.

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What are the basics of a prepaid funeral?

A prepaid funeral plan enables you to pay for the cost of your burial before you pass away, so your loved ones are not left to pay for it after the fact.

It is a practical and smart way to ensure your family members aren’t left to struggle financially after you pass, but it also gives you the opportunity to personalise the experience. You can be sure that everything is just how you’d like it, which can be a big stress reliever for everyone involved.

You can choose your funeral director and home, burial site, and finer details of the day all at a fixed price. This means no unexpected costs or hidden fees, no stress associated with planning for your loved ones, and that you can have a final say about your burial.

What are the benefits of a fixed price funeral plan?

Reassurance, protection against price inflation, affordable plans, control over your final affairs – need we go on? These are just a few of the benefits of obtaining pre-arranged funeral plans. You can protect your loved ones from incurring the costs of your funeral, which is a big benefit for most people.

This means no worrying about guessing what your wishes would have been, struggling to make ends meet whilst making arrangements, and trying to handle all of this on top of the inevitable grief. The fact that pricing remains fixed helps you to budget efficiently, too – put simply, making plans is a selfless and smart choice that can give you and your loved one’s peace of mind.

What should I consider when comparing monthly payment funeral plans?
There are a number of things to think about when sizing up the best-prepaid funeral plans side by side. For a start, you should look at how much you want to spend – do you have funds aside to part with a lump sum, or do you want to pay in instalments?

You should also think about what you want from the funeral itself – do you want something small and private with close friends and family? Or a large celebration of life?

Consider looking at different providers too, as the offerings will vary depending on whether you’re obtaining coverage from a private funeral director or a large insurance company. Once you’ve made a checklist of things you want (and don’t want), tally up prepaid funerals pros and cons to see which best matches your needs.

Once you’ve submitted an enquiry to your chosen provider, it’s a wise idea to do some research and see if you can find some reviews online, ideally from an independent source if possible.

Of course, it makes sense to talk about your plans with your loved ones to ensure they are aware of your intentions and know what to do and who to contact when the time comes. Finally, ensuring your chosen provider is a FPA registered will give you some protection and peace of mind as well.

When Should You Prepare for Your Funeral?

Nobody wants to dwell on thoughts about their own death or the death of loved ones. But, at the same time, nobody wants their passing to be a financial or logistical burden for those still here.

A fatal, unexpected accident can occur to anyone. For instance, people between the ages of 15 and 19 make up 25% of all road fatalities. So basically every adult, even young adults, should make some basic preparations regarding their wishes and their finances should they die without warning. This is especially important when family members depend on that person for financial support.

Here are some initial steps everyone should take:

Pre-paid Funeral Expenses

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, prepaid funerals plans are an increasingly popular option that is taking over 50’s life Insurance. The idea is simple: You simply pay for the funeral in advance, locking in prices while also choosing exactly what type of funeral you want.

Paying funeral costs in advance will cover most everything related directly to the funeral services. This includes:

• Care for the body

• Transportation of the body via hearse

• Coffin (quality can vary based on cost)

• Help with obtaining the death certificate and other bureaucratic matters

Most prepaid funeral plans do not include burial plots or headstones. However, most funeral directors will add those into the plan, although this will increase the price of the funeral.

Some plans offer “guaranteed payments” which means the provider will pay all burial expenses. Other plans offer partial payments for burial expenses, where an additional fee will be required upon death. A partial payment can still help you beat inflation.

A Guarnteed Funeral Plan Is What You Should Be Looking For.

A funeral plan is far more likely to cover the price of cremation than burial. The average cost of cremation is a relatively fixed expense, whereas burial plots only grow in scarcity over time. If you’re interested in pre paying for cremation, make sure the policy includes a “guaranteed payment.”

There is no one type of funeral plan or even one type of cheap funeral plan. Most providers will certainly be happy to add as many options as you’d like to pay for. They’ll also work with you to provide low-cost funerals whenever possible.

When we originally set this company up we wanted to offer plans that we would be happy to but our selves or would be happy for our own family to buy and out of all of the firms we could work with we have chosen the best on the market, they are the best value for money and the best Guaranteed Funeral Plans On the Market and Hundreds of Pounds Cheaper than the likes of Co-Op

Can I Pay for My Funeral in Advance? Should I?

Yes and yes.

There are many many reasons why you should buy a funeral plan, from saving your family and loved one’s money and leaving them without any financial burdens.

To have all the details planned out for them at a stressful time.

You your self will not see the benefits but your family will surely thank you for thinking of them and buying a prepaid funeral plan.

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