Leave Your Family & loved Ones Financially Better Off  With A PrePaid Funeral Plan

In Recent News Articles and by personal experience, family and loved ones don’t always have the sort of money sat around to cover funeral costs at short notice, which in turn has highlighted a huge problem that many families face when they lose a loved one – there’s not enough there to pay for the funeral your family or loved ones would want for you.

With the costs of even a basic funeral rising every day, failure to plan ahead can create additional stress for families at a time of bereavement.

But there is a way in which you can protect your loved ones from this extra burden with the Best Priced Prepay Funeral Plans On The Market.

Do Something Amazing For Your Loved Ones


Fix your Funeral Costs At Today’s Prices With A Prepaid Funeral Plan By The UK’s Market Leaders….Why Pay More

Make all of the relevant plans leaving your loved ones free of any planning and burdens and most of all financial worries.

We at First Choice Funeral Plans  Help choose how you want to be remembered by asking you as many questions as we can, from selecting favourite songs, poems, leaving letters and memories to be shared at your memorial service. We can also set down your wishes with regards to burial, cremation, or even leaving your body to medical science. Whatever you want we will do our best to make it happen for you from the simple thing like you’d prefer mourners didn’t wear black? Or you’d like donations to a favourite charity instead of flowers? From a traditional

We will do our best to ensure your wishes are known and respected in your prepaid funeral plan.

We can arrange Pre-Paid Funeral Plan fixed at today’s prices. As well as keeping the costs down and minimising the burden on your family, it will make the whole process simpler for your loved ones at what can be the most stressful time of their lives.

With the Prepaid Funeral Plan, we have on offer you can Pay up front, or spread instalments over as long as ten years. You can ensure your family against a  burden of debt and stress, you can take care of them – even after you are gone.

Once your plans are in place, the next steps are up to you: tell your loved ones about your plans, so that there’s no surprises or misunderstandings; make sure that they know how and where to access you Prepaid Funeral Plan.

You will be sent A Folder with all of your wishes stated in it as well details of your prepaid funeral plan, all your loved ones need to do is make one phone call and we can start implementing your Funeral plan,

Once you have a Plan All sorted its time to relax And carry on enjoying the life you have, secure in the knowledge that you have left your loved protected from any worry and planning or any financial burdens. Find Out How Your Money Is Protected

If you’d like to speak to one of our consultants simply call 01617910557  or email register@firstchoicefuneralplans.com and tell us exactly what you want and how you want to do it and then leave the rest up to us to plan it all for your loved ones.

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Funerals are a celebration of life, and we believe that you should be remembered in the best way possible. Let us at First Choice Funeral Plans help you do that, removing the worry and expense for your loved ones at what will be a difficult time for them.If you would like to speak to one of our helpful advisors simply call:

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