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When choosing the best funeral plans, price of course is important but there are some differences between plan providers that you may want to take into consideration. We can help you look at the options available to you so you can be certain to choose a funeral plan that fully meets your requirements.

For example, we can show you:

    • Which plan providers offer fully guaranteed 3rd party (disbursements) and who offers an allowance – something other companies are unlikely to point out!?
    • Who offers free joint funeral plans for couples?
    • How the Fixed Monthly Payment options vary and what to look out for?
    • Who will transport the body back to your chosen place anywhere in the UK for free?
    • Who has the highest cancellation fees, should you change your mind after the initial free cancellation period?
    • Which funeral plans can be transferred to another funeral director should you move home?
    • Which provider offers the best instalment terms over longer periods?

And don’t forget…

We have Offer £150 Gift Card Per Plan Brought through us And £50 Per Recommendation to us that buys a plan through us.
For a personalised quotation and to discuss your options drop us a line on 0161 439 4721 or email us at register@firstchoicefuneralplans.com

The Benefits of a Prepaid Funeral Plan

  • Save money: freeze funeral costs at today’s prices, avoiding future inflation
  • Guarantee to cover the cost of the funeral directors services
  • Your acceptance is guaranteed, no medical or health questions
  • Relieve your family from having to make difficult emotional and financial decisions when the time comes
  • Arrange everything in advance – say goodbye your way
  • Include your final wishes as part of the plan, so you’re family know what you want
  • Get the best funeral plans at the right price by shopping around, something families are reluctant to do when arranging a funeral
  • Choose a local independent funeral director or let us do it for you

How secure is your money?

We only recommend pre-paid funeral plans from providers who are members of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) and National Federation of Funeral Directors.

Your money is paid directly to the funeral plan provider and is then placed into either an independent trust or a life insurance fund which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

All trusts are separate independently managed legal entities which are audited by independent accountants and auditors.

This means that should your funeral director go into liquidation your money and funeral will be protected and the plan provider will reallocate your plan to another local funeral director.

Why Are People Talking About Funeral Care Plans?

There has been an increase in the attention people are giving funeral costs and funeral planning. Funeral Plan Providers are also seeing a rise in interest from people who want to get a funeral care plans in place.

But why are people really talking about it?

One main reason: The cost of a basic funeral has risen, on average, by 9% annually and is projected to increase more in the coming years. The national average cost of a basic funeral is £4,078 and this figure does not include discretionary costs for things such as flowers, catering, order of service, and etc.

More and more people and families are being affected by what is now called ‘Funeral Debt’ and ‘Funeral Poverty‘.

Funeral Debt is the amount of money added on to someone’s existing financial obligations as a result of relying on credit for funeral costs. Funeral Poverty is when funeral costs are beyond someone’s ability to pay.

With all the research information about funeral costs and funeral debt, people are now having conversations about Funeral Care Plans which help freeze the costs at what it is currently when a plan is taken out.

Funeral Care Plans and Funeral Plan Providers give people an opportunity to spread the cost of a funeral rather than leaving it to their close family and friends to deal with when they are gone.

The attention being given to funeral costs and funeral care plans has given many people an opportunity to plan ahead and cut down the soaring costs of an inevitable life event.

Have started planning your own funeral?

What is included in a funeral plan?

What is a Funeral Plan?

Our Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

A  Pre-paid Funeral Plan is the simplest, considerate, and most practical way to remove the financial and emotional burden attached to unexpected funeral arrangements. Putting your wishes into a plan and prepaying for your funeral, puts you in control of your a airs, whilst providing you with the peace of mind that those closest to you will not face choices and decisions surrounding your final wishes, that only you know how to make.

With most providers you have several options, available, we believe that our carefully constructed fixed-price funeral options each featuring specific standard arrangements are competitively price, and within a guaranteed set price structure. Once a plan has been chosen, payment arrangements agreed, and your chosen funeral director nominated and confirmed, you can rest assured that your funeral wishes will be fulfilled and that the cost of your funeral will not rise.
All of the plans we offer include the following as standard;
  • Arranging all necessary funeral preparations
  • Taking care of the funeral directors’ professional services
  • Removal of the deceased to a funeral directors’ premises
  • Preparation and care of the deceased prior to the funeral
  • Use of the chapel of rest for viewing arrangement
  • The attendance of the conductor and bearers
  • All funeral staff which are required

Below is a list of whats included in most of our plans, the items that can be upgraded which are highlighted blue are items you can add on or upgrade

  • Funeral Directors Professional Services
  • Removal of the deceased to funeral director’s premises within 25 miles, normal working hours
  • Advice on certification and registration
  • Preparation and care of the deceased prior to funeral
  • Use of the chapel of rest for viewing arrangements
  • Attendance of the conductor and bearers
  • Provision of hearse and limousine direct to crematorium or cemetery you can have just a  hearse  or  upgrade to  
  • Hearse & 1 limousine or
  • Hearse & 2 limousine
  • There are diffrent coffin type as a upgrade
  • standard coffin hearse
  • superior coffin 
  • premium coffin
  • All funeral staff required to conduct the service
  • Full list of floral tributes
  • Cremation or interment, Doctor and Minister costs*

Most Funeral Plans on the market offer the same basic features, but any of the plans we offer can be upgraded or bits can be added on at the start or at a later date the choice is yours.

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