Do You Need To Act Now With Funeral Costs Rising Ahead Of Inflation

We offer The UK’s Best Priced Prepaid Funeral Plans Beat Inflation By Locking In At Today’s Price.

With Funeral, costs continue to outpace inflation, according to the latest Cost of Dying report, with the average funeral now costing £4,078 so why would you not lock in at today’s prices with a prepaid funeral plan?

Funeral costs are up 4.7% in just a year, having risen more than 70% in the past decade, more than three and a half times the increase in house prices.

This is only the cost of the funeral; bereaved families may also incur costs associated with Flowers and a wake. The report said that these costs can add £2,928 on average.

The report showed significant regional variations. London is the most expensive place to die, with an average funeral costing £5,951; 46% more than the national average. Northern Ireland is the cheapest place to die: funeral costs have dropped 9% in a year and the average funeral now costs £2,982. Wales has also seen a drop – costs are down 4.6% to £3,461.

Many people worry that having a cheaper funeral is disrespectful but our research shows the vast majority of us do not want money wasted on a fancy funeral that is how a prepaid funeral plan can help you and your family.

“In fact more than one in three people who have recently organised a funeral said they would want their own to be ‘as cheap as possible.’ One in six said they would like a direct cremation and one in 12 said they would prefer a woodland burial. Just one in 50 said they would want a lavish affair.”

PrePaid Funeral Plans

With one of our prepaid funeral plans, you can set all of your costs at today’s prices with the peace of mind that your family will not incur any more costs. You can plan it as you and your family wish.

Find out How A Prepaid Funeral Plan Works

According to this year’s report, 58% made specific financial provision to pay for their funeral before they died. Of those, 29% had bought a prepaid funeral plan (up from 28% in 2016), 15% had a life insurance plan in place (down from 16%) and 15% had a guaranteed over 50 plan (up from 14%). As these figures show like many people they are preferring to opt for a prepaid funeral plan over a life insurance policy or even leaving a set sum in the bank as that might not cover your funeral costs in years to come.

The major benefit of a prepaid funeral plan over all of the other products on the market is that a guaranteed plan will always cover the costs however far into the future you use your plan. You could have an over 50s plan that pays say £10,000 but who knows if you will live another 10 years or 30 years and with the rate of inflation alone in 10 years time it won’t be enough to cover the costs.

But with one of our guaranteed prepaid funeral plans you can pay say £3500 spread over 10 years and you might not use it for another 10 years after that but that £3500 is all you will pay for the plan you choose to take out. However far into the future, you actually use your plan that is all you will pay.

Prepaid Funeral Plans For Under 50’s Is A Must

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