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Beat The Rising Costs Of Funerals

The cost of funerals has risen 90% in the past decade and will only continue to rise. Here is a look at how funeral costs have increased since 2004 and are projected to continue rising going forward


INCREASE In Funeral Costs Since 2004

Save Your Family From Worry

Sadly, there is no way to avoid our passing and speaking about our mortality is never fun. The cost of funerals is quickly rising and the unfortunate truth is that without a funeral plan or government support, your family will have to cover this cost when you’re gone, whether they can afford to or not.

Do something amazing today that your family will thank you for and enroll in a pre-paid funeral plan. For as little as 60p per day*, you’ll barely notice it, but it will remove a major burden from your family when your time comes

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Beat Inflation With A Funeral Plan

With the price of a funeral outpacing inflation year on year will your family and loved ones be able to Afford the ever-rising costs of a Funeral?

Funeral costs are already soaring in the UK with the cost of a simple funeral increasing by 90% between 2004 and 2014.

With deaths predicted to rise, increasing pressure on funeral services is likely to push prices even higher: ILC-UK predicts that funeral costs could reach or exceed £7,000 by 2020, with the cost of a simple funeral projected to rise to £5,226 by 2020.

Aggregate spending on funerals in the UK could rise to £3.7bn by 2020 (up from £2.8 bn. in 2014).

Funeral debt (where money has been borrowed to cover the cost of a funeral) in the UK could reach a quarter of a billion in less than 20 years

Find out How A Prepaid Funeral Plan Can Save Your Family From The Financial Burdens Of A Funeral and Save Hundreds If Not Thousands Of Pounds In years to Come. 

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